• Tree Removal

    Are you worried about a tree on your property? Talk to above all tree care and let us take a look - the tree may have reached the end of its life span or have become diseased causing a safety hazard. We have the knowledge and experience to assess the tree and we are aware and up-to-date with all the council regulations with what can and can't be done and will help you with any approvals you may need. Read More
  • Formative pruning

    You need to keep your trees healthy they need to be regularly pruned and often dead wooded. Trees may also be too close to your home, electricity wires or other services and structures, with pruning required to avoid damage or to ensure everyone's safety. With the increases in severe storms and risks from falling trees and branches, it may also be essential that you make sure that branches or limbs won't come down and threaten the safety of your family or neighbours. Read More
  • Wood Splitting, Chipping and Stump Grinding Service

    Make sure that tree doesn't go to waste, we provide a wood splitting service, as well as chipping and can turn that old tree into firewood and usable mulch for the garden.You can also contact us for Firewood and mulch supplies as some owners just want their trees removed. After cutting down a significant size tree you may be left with a large stump that might interfere with future building plans, driveways or other features that will replace the space where the tree once stood. Our efficient stump grinding service will remove any trace of that tree and give you the freedom to reuse the space that it took up. Read More
  • Hazardous tree identification and solutions

    Above All Tree Care are qualified arborists so if you are worried about a tree we know what to look for and can provide the right advice and solutions we can assess Dead Wood, Cracks, Weak Branch Unions, Decay, Cankers, Root Problems, Poor Tree Architecture or Multiple Defects. We can prescribe appropriate corrective actions which might involve pruning the tree or dead-wooding, thinning a canopy cabling and bracing and if nothing else is to be done, removing the tree. Read More
  • Canopy Mangement and Dead Wooding

    We love working up high, good canopy management can improve the safety of your surrounding Trees, we can thin and remove dead wood resulting in safer trees in high winds and storms and less movement that can cause damage to property. Of course it may also improve your views or provide more sun to your house or solar panels and reduce the need for totally removing trees that otherwise provide summer shade and habitat for our native wildlife. Read More
  • Crane Work

    Very often that awkward and dangerous tree is very close to property and requires a crane to safely remove it - this is our speciality, rest assured we can remove trees from the most difficult sites with our cranes and specialist team. For your peace of mind we also covered by public liability and property insurance and we are fully accredited. Read More
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